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Best Natural Gas Pool Heaters 2021 – Forbes Advisor

Pool Size

Pool size is the most important factor to consider when looking for a pool heater. The bigger the pool, the more BTUs you’ll want in order to heat the pool faster. Sure, you can use small heaters, but beware of the additional heating time.

Heating Efficiency

Heating a pool comes with additional costs, especially if you have a large pool. Find a pool heater with good efficiency. Most have a thermal heating efficiency of 82% or greater. The more efficient the heater, the lower your gas bill will be.


Many customers lament the lack of durability with some pool gas heaters, so pay attention to how the unit is housed and how much corrosion protection a model provides. Pool owners can help prevent problems with heat exchangers, and other components, by keeping a close eye on their pool’s pH levels. Often, manufacturer’s will not cover pH-related issues under their warranty.

Heat Exchanger Type

Gas pool heaters will use either a copper heat exchanger or a Cupro nickel heat exchanger most often. A Cupro nickel heat exchanger provides extra protection against corrosion. Gas pool heaters with Cupro nickel heat exchangers tend to cost more than copper models, but the extra cost might prove worthwhile in the long run.


Glance through some bad reviews of gas pool heaters and the complaints will often focus on warranty issues. The length of warranty is an important factor in choosing a gas pool heater, too. Some customers have encountered issues just a few years after purchase, so having that layer of protection can save a ton of money in repairs.

It’s important to remain diligent with pool maintenance because manufacturers can deny warranty claims due to neglect, like a pool having poor pH levels.


Several states have enacted low nitrous oxide (NOx) emission standards and most gas pool heaters come with low NOx levels. But double check to be sure the model you want meets emission standards in your state.

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